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Copper Den's Buried Tales

  • Is Your Woo Woo, Doo Doo

     According to Watchman Nee in his book “The Spiritual Man” there are three aspects to our human spirit, and they are communion, intuition, and conscience. How do we measure these? They are the inner voice, our inner knowing, and inner compass and we talk about them amongst ourselves for hours. Science may call these things in the spiritual realm woo woo or quackery, but they are meaningful to many people.
  • Remember when songs were by Rappers about Cops? Well this story is about Copper Wire and Wraps.

    It is a story about my fondness for using copper wire to make stone pendants. Utilizing two elements from the earth to make a wearable piece of jewelry and carry the earth energy wherever you go. This is how I got started.