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Remember when songs were by Rappers about Cops? Well this story is about Copper Wire and Wraps.

It is a story about my fondness for using copper wire to make stone pendants. Utilizing two elements from the earth to make a wearable piece of jewelry and carry the earth energy wherever you go. This is how I got started.

Just over a year ago I purchased some copper wire, and my birthstone. Following a YouTube video by OxanaCrafts, I wire wrapped my first stone. I had a smooth unpolished stone, dark grey with a light grey border, so I got to work wrapping this stone in copper wire. Those are the two stones in the picture. I know they look a little rough, but a guy must start somewhere, and I am incredibly grateful to OxanaCrafts for helping me get started in doing something I enjoy. I still wear my birthstone most days and enjoy the energy that is gives to me. The grey stone I gave to my wife and as far as I know she loves it very much, probably because it came from me more so than it is so beautiful.

When the desire to use copper to wrap stones began, I did not give it a second thought, it just seemed so natural. I did not understand the powerful energy that copper holds. I knew it carried energy because I had worked with it in electrical wiring and in plumbing. I did not realize its powerful energetic qualities. I was then to learn that it has powerful anti-microbial ions that makes it great for door handles, hand railings, and any surface that many hands touch as it will kill most of the microbes.

Copper is also the third most abundant trace element in the human body and the RDA for copper is 3 mgs per day. It is required for the body to produce an enzyme that prevents the hardening of the arteries. It has been used since ancient times for medicinal purposes and is still used today to the treatment of skin diseases, wounds and rheumatoid arthritis. Internally it is used for heart disease, anemia and cancer. It can also increase blood circulation, increase overall energy and detoxify the body.

Metaphysically copper enhances psychic abilities, stimulates the flow of Qi and helps in the communication of higher dimensional beings. It absorbs negative energy and amplifies thought, boosts self esteem and calms anger. It also bridges the divide between the physical and the spiritual world. It helps to refill your personal energy reserve and aids in the ability to express yourself.

There is so much that can be said about copper and I hope to share more as I advance in my personal knowledge of this element. The more I research into the qualities of copper the more impressed I become with the powers of intuition, how with no knowledge of these traits of copper, I was drawn to use it for making stone jewelry. Combining the power of copper as a catalyst, and the power of stones, both elements of the earth, into some amazing pendants.

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