My Why

Photo Credit: Angie Leah Photography

Do you have a connection to the earth? Do you have a connection to others around you? If you do that is amazing because we enhance one another. If not and you are interested, I would like to assist you and grow in this experience together. Learning about our connection to the earth and each other is a passion burning within.

Have you ever been outside walking and had a rock catch your eye? Did you pick it up and look it over, enjoying the texture, the colour and the sparkles? I have done this many times. Growing up on the farm we hunted for rocks and I was fascinated by the multi-coloured granite or a clear quartz that made me think I found a diamond!

Unfortunately, as we grow older, we leave the childhood wonder behind us and I did this with my wonder for rocks. Now that I am older, I am getting back to my fascination with rocks and I would like to take you on a trip with me learning about rocks, minerals and gems. Not just in a book but working with them in rock tumbling, lapidary and jewelry making.

I love to take the rocks I find and make them into wearable stone jewelry. Some are in the rough, some tumbled and others cut and polished into cabochons. I like to wrap each one intuitively with how I have learned, feeling the earth energy that each stone holds. I feel this is my connection to the earth that I have been called too. It is my desire that you feel this earth energy, and that I can share this connection with you!