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Is Your Woo Woo, Doo Doo


Do you enjoy getting outside and appreciating your environment, whether it is a walk amongst the trees, on the open prairie, or along the water? Nature is all around us even in the city. According to Oxford languages we use an intellectual and practical activity to systematically study nature through observation and experimentation. This activity is called science. There is a branch of science for every part of nature, but what about the human experience, mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. There is Psychology, sociology, anatomy, anthropology, theology etc. Yes, there seems to be a science for everything, but can everything be measured empirically? Good question and I do not have that answer. I do value my experiences in life though, even what I cannot explain or measure, serendipity, synchronicity, happenstance, or fate.

 According to Watchman Nee in his book “The Spiritual Man” there are three aspects to our human spirit, and they are communion, intuition, and conscience. How do we measure these? They are the inner voice, our inner knowing, and inner compass and we talk about them amongst ourselves for hours. Science may call these things in the spiritual realm woo woo or quackery, but they are meaningful to many people.

I was raised in a Christian home our belief in God was central, but God cannot be proved by science. Science has this knack of condescension when it comes to spiritual woo woo and will brush it off with a trite explanation or as just not worthy of consideration if it is not proven by the scientific method. Science calls our woo woo, doo doo, and right when I don’t have a doggie bag (I am not referring to the restaurant kind either).

Then there are family and friends. How do they take to our woo woo or are we too afraid to talk to them about it or to expose that part of ourselves? Maybe your family has a very narrow or boxed view of the woo woo. It is not necessarily easy to put yourself out there with fear of rejection. I am slowly expressing my truth and this blog is a way for me to do that, and I hope it will encourage others to just be themselves. I encourage you to not shy away from speaking your truth and I know how hard that can be, just start a little at a time. Read some Brene Brown there is no growth without vulnerability. Be vulnerable the world needs the genuine you.

Our experiences are very subjective, which means they are influenced by our feelings, tastes, or opinions. There may not be any tangible proof of what I believe my experience to mean, but then it is my experience. Two years ago, I had a change in some of the desires I was feeling. I was experiencing what I would call feminine feelings, not just toward the feminine but to be feminine. These feelings scared me as they were extraordinarily strong, so much so that I went to see a therapist.

This had happened before but not to this extent. I had always marked it up to a sexual deviation from normal and not what I was latter to discover, a spiritual experience. With numerous visits we were able to work through the idea that I was going crazy and transitioning into a woman. I realized that is not how I felt, I loved all my male bits and that was not where this was leading. With the fear factor removed I was more accepting of how I felt.

Since then, I have been exposed to the teachings of the divine feminine and the divine masculine and how they show up in each of us. We all have aspects of feminine and masculine whether male or female. It was an interesting concept, one I pursued further, and it resonated with me. I attended an event “Awakening the Divine Feminine” and it had a very profound affect on me for some time afterword. On the drive home the next day I knew that this divine feminine in me was here to heal my masculine. I could feel my frequency vibrating much higher than it ever had.

After that event I tried many different modalities, reiki, breath work, meditation, past life regression, counselling, and art therapy. I was introduced to the inner smile and the microcosmic orbit and my energy field. My creativity started to blossom, I bought a rock tumbler and returned to my childhood love of rock hounding and polishing. I began to make pendants from the stones with copper wire and I also took a drawing class. I was so interested in this world and the connections I was making. When I got my pedicures, I began to get my toenails painted and I loved it!  Instead of just carrying a bag on trips, I started using a purse in my everyday life to carry my stuff, what a liberation that was in lieu of using my pockets. I was embracing how I felt and the desires for more creativity and enjoyment in my life. I was beginning to feel more genuine.

 By the time the spring equinox rolled around so many shifts had happened. I was taking a bath, with essential oils of peppermint and lavender, and Epsom salts. I had candles burning and music playing, the lights were off, and I was relaxing with my thoughts. During that bath I was thinking of this shift and the feminine feeling, all of a sudden, I felt so much love for myself and realized this was not an outside spirit that came to me it was an awakening from within me and her time was now and she was part of me and always had been.

Since that time, I have done much work on my masculine and he has been slowly healing from spiritual and intimate trauma. I feel so much better in my own skin and these energies masculine and feminine have become more integrated and homogenous. I am more comfortable with my own intuition, with my own energy and the integration of my past with the present, and the work continues. There are more shadows. There are more questions and inquiries to make. There are more steps for me to take. I never felt I would be able to resolve the differences between what I was spiritually taught when I was young with what I was experiencing now, but that is changing, and I can feel the congruence.

To sum this up, I used to say that I was 50/50 male and female, and my reason would be “because my father was a man, and my mother was a woman.” At the time I was just having fun and did not know how prophetic I was being. This is a part of my woo woo. I am not sure what yours may be, but I do know that anyone can look within themselves and with a little help from the universe and others you can begin to trust yourself and the power of your woo woo that you have within, because your woo woo is not doo doo it is real!

Leave a comment with how you feel. If you would like to connect, let me know I would like to chat.

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  • Thank you so much for sharing Dennis, I absolutely love your woo woo.

    I have turned away from spiritual matters because of religious connotations, and describe what I do as energetic instead. That’s my woo woo, although most people (my son included) calls it doo doo.

    I’m ok with that. Our tribe matches our vibe and as I evolve, so does the people I surround myself with.


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