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Recreating an Original Idea

When I first got the idea to sell some of the pendants that I create, I went to see intuitive life coach, Amanda Moser. I remember something she told me to do, which is good for me since I have so many things going on in my mind. She told me to meditate with my pendants. For me, at the time, it was a stretch, since my mind was not ready to accept this as valid, even though my spirit was onboard.

Since then I have had many experiences with energy work, and the spirit of the stones I have formed. It is one thing to name a crystal for the type it is  when it is purchased, but what about the rocks that I find and are composed of different types of crystals. The names and descriptions can be so bland and boring, when the rock is so interesting.

So a couple weeks ago I was jumping in the tub for a relaxing bath with candles, music, epsom salts and essential oils. I had seen online that someone had put crystals around their tub also, so I grabbed some from nearby and put a few on the rim of the tub. While I was soaking I took a chert and put it on my throat chakra. It wasn't long before I got the vague image of a wolf. A feldspar/quartz combo gave me a "love where you live" vib.

A day or two later I was looking at a stone pendant I had recently made so I took it to bed with me and placed it on my brow, the third eye chakra, and immediately got the message "The Spirit of God in within me."

I am going to use this method of meditation with my rocks and pendants and feel into the energy of the stone and try and be more open to any message I may receive. So to bring this message to a close, I am going to use these messages to name my pendants. If I am not getting a message I may hold off posting them until I do.

Thank you for sharing this path on my journey.

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