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It is Autumn but never say die!

Summer has officially come to an end in my world. To me fall begins when the wind starts blowing hard each day, the exact same way that I know when spring arrives. I have been noticing this for several years, and it does not matter when that day comes, it just creeps up on us and summer is gone. Oh, we still get some wonderful weather after this, and the change of colours around us can be amazing. it is a good time to put on a jacket and get out in nature and see the changes that the world goes through to prepare for the shorter, colder days ahead. It can keep us mindful of our own self care and the importance to keep up with it as the sunlight shortens, and we prepare our own cocooning, for the winter. This is another thing I have noticed about my own self care. When I neglect my few minutes a day of Qi-gong and meditation my mood begins to slip, then I do not feel as good, and just as fall sneaks up on us this melancholy mood slips in. That is when I realize I need to get back at it. The great thing is that I never quit no matter how many times I miss a day or two, I just get back at it. That is not something I would have done a few years ago. I would have just thought myself a failure and given up. Perfection or nothing, but now I look at it as, progress not perfection. Perfection is a myth and is no where to be found, and is profoundly un-human. Ah, but we are perfectly us, with all our perceived flaws and hiccups in life, we are meant to be. I can continue to think I have wasted so much time in my life being afraid, but for every scenario there is a path that we are meant to be on, so right now this second there are choices before us. I heard a saying this past week and it goes something like this “What got you here, will not take you there.” So, here’s to heading into this fall with the attitude that we can choose any path and maybe combinations of paths, not just fear or love but maybe love and joy. We can combine many good things into one path. Take a chance on yourself you are your best bet.

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